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Our Clinical Mission

Our goal is to help you see better! We want to bring you clear comfortable vision at no matter what distance you like to spend most of your time. You can spend 10+ hours staring at a computer that is 22 inches away or you can read 3 novels in one week at a lap distance of 16 inches. We believe that we can improve the quality of your daily activities if both of your eyes are seeing to their maximum potential.

Thus "our mission is to improve the quality of life through new advancements in eye care technology and personal attention catered to each individual's visual needs". And.... at the same appointment, we do a check of your overall health by going over your medical history, allergies, blood pressure, glaucoma risk, and diabetes risk by looking at your your retina. The retina is the only place we can visualize blood vessels without surgery. A picture of your blood vessel is worth 1000 words describing your health. If there is a systemic condition, we coordinate total care with your primary care physician as often times systemic disease can also affect your vision.

Our Optometry clinic is focused to serve Folsom city and surrounding communities of El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Cameron Park, Citrus Heights, Placerville, Sacramento, Rancho Murieta, Rescue, Shingle Springs, Orangevale, Mather, Roseville, Gold River, Carmichael.

Our Services


If you have a red eye or bacterial infection in the eye, you can be treated at our office. If you have diabetes, or experiencing unusual visual symptoms such as flashes of light, or sudden onset of floaters, we have the correct tools and expertise to dilate your pupils and examine the retina to detect any diseases, injuries, or disorders.

Comprehensive Eye Exams: Not all eye exams are the same. Request a dilated eye exam at least once every 2 years or more often to ensure the inside of your eye is healthy.

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